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What Why we believe

A lot of churches will give you a long list of WHAT to believe. The United Church of Christ is a non-creedal church. This means that you do not have to profess a creed or specific beliefs in order to be in community with the Church and Christ. Jesus extended a wide and extravagant welcome to those who He encountered and so we wish to embody that same way of welcome. In joining us for worship or in mission, we hope you see WHY it is that we believe as the content of WHAT we believe should always be evolving to better embody the teachings of Christ. If you have questions of faith or about the church, please reach out to us not for definitive answers but instead for deep conversation and to share tools that will help you discern the faith for yourself. Church is not to tell you WHAT to believe but to be a community of people finding their WHY individually and collectively. 

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