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We are a church rooted in a rich history and growing toward a new future. Trinity Reformed United Church of Christ was originally named The German Reformed Church. To this day, if you ask someone in Scottdale where the United Church of Christ is, you get a blank look as most people know the congregation as “the Reformed church.” Most UCC churches have evangelical and reformed congregational roots as the denomination was not formed until 1957 with the motto, “that they may all be one” from John 17:21. While the denomination is young, the church has deep roots being the first congregation established in Scottdale.


We are a small congregation with open hearts and minds. Everyone is laid back and will welcome you as you are to worship. You can dress however you are most comfortable. Our style of worship is blended with some traditional liturgy and hymns but also modern praise songs. Both of our pastors are young females who preach relatable and relevant messages. 

Come visit, have a coffee after the service, and grow with us! 

About Our Pastors:
Rev. T.J. Lucas

I’m not your stereotypical pastor and I am unapologetically me. I believe the future of the Church depends on rebellious leadership that accepts people where they are on life’s journey because that is exactly what is in its history. Jesus was not a complacent holier-than-thou rabbi preaching only to fellow Jews in the synagogue. If he wasn’t a rebel then the religious leaders of the time wouldn’t have partnered with the empire to have him executed. Yet, His rebellion was not at the forefront of politics or war but instead was in everyday life--hanging out with regular imperfect people like you and me. He saw beyond their spiritual shortcomings, sins, professions, and image to the heart of who they really were—beloved by God regardless of their status. I believe in looking beyond image and status too. I think the best ministry happens in everyday moments we share with each other.

I draw inspiration from those who teach in ways that are practical as Christ did like Mr. Rogers who never once had to utter a word about Christianity in order to teach children how to live in neighborly love or Nadia Boltz-Weber, who swears, is covered in tattoos, and admits her need for God on the regular. And as one would expect, I draw a lot from scripture, particularly Esther from the Old Testament--a woman that God strategically placed to save her people. The common thread that I am inspired by the most from these figures is faithful authenticity.


I believe we are all made in the divine image of God and I reject a faith that wants us to be mindless carbon copies of each other. What would be the joy in being in community with people that are all the same? In my free time you can find me dabbling in oil paints, at the boxing gym training, or getting into shenanigans with my two daughters. I'm classically trained with a Masters of Divinity from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary and a Bachelor's degree in Speech-language Pathology with a minor in Psychology. Despite my degrees, certificates, and titles....I’m just a regular person that realizes in all that I do that I might just be a woman strategically placed by God.

Nicole Tascarella

If there was a description for my journey to ministry it could easily be summed up with better late than never.  While feeling drawn to ministry for decades I did not take the plunge until a few years ago joining the Penn West Academy to begin the process of education and ordination.  What a journey it has been so far!  With a background in music I am drawn to the rich diversity that music has and its ability reach beyond race, language, border, gender, politics, social status or financial status which I believe is exactly what Christ does.  I believe that our Savior looks beyond the petty and shallow standards that we have come to accept and sees us as beautiful and wonderfully made beings.


I am highly inspired by the works of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Charles Wesley, Miroslav Wolf, C.S. Lewis and Fyodor Dostoevsky.  Their desire for love and care of humanity speaks to who I am and what I also desire to be for others.  I am particularly drawn to the Psalms and the raw emotions of the Psalmist who writes through all emotions that we feel.   There is beauty in the praise as well as the laments as we learn to walk through the valleys with joy that is not merely an feeling of happiness but rather an understanding of the love and steadfastness that God has proven to us over and over again.


When I am outside of Church I can be found hiking, kayaking, hunting, creating music and running.  For me some of the greatest cathedrals are forests, rivers and lakes and I spend as much time as I can in them.  As a classically trained musician, I hold a Masters and Bachelors degree in Voice Performance from Houghton College and am a member of the professional core of the Bach Choir of Pittsburgh. 

Associate Minister and Director of Music

Special Services





Baptism is a once in a lifetime giving of your heart to Christ. If you have already been baptized in another denomination, we fully recognize that sacrament and you do not need to be rebaptized. If you would like to be baptized or would like to baptize your child, reach out to the pastor to make arrangements or learn more. 



We are happy to join two hearts in union with one another in Christ. Please reach out to the pastor for more information on using our church and the services that she offers. 

Children who have already been baptized are invited to confirm that they would like to join the church after a series of classes on the faith. Classes are typically for ages 12 and up and Pastor TJ believes that confirmation is not about indoctrination but instead about exploration. Your child will be given the tools of the faith, not spoon-fed answers. After this period of exploration, children will have a special service where they will receive their first Holy Communion as members of the church. 


Join the church

We would love for you to join the congregation! When you join the church, we hold a special worship service where we welcome you into the congregation. To join, you simply have to be baptized and want to commit to being part of our community. For questions on what church membership looks like, please reach out to the pastor. 

Be Inspired

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