We are a church rooted in a rich history and growing toward a new future. Our church was built when the town of Scottdale was founded in 1874. Our church is part of a mainline Protestant tradition of congregational and reformed churches that joined together to form the United Church of Christ. The denomination's vision is to unite across our differences as we hear in John 17:21 when Christ prays, "...that they may all be one." To learn more about our denomination please visit www.ucc.org 


We are a small congregation with open hearts and minds. Everyone is laid back and will welcome you as you are to worship. Currently, we are in a time of transition with music as our beloved music director, Ernie Brown, recently passed away. We will be welcoming a new director in the new year and we look forward to introducing them to the extended community soon!

Our style of worship is more traditional but our pastor is a young female who is relatable and delivers relevant messages. She is working on making our worship more of a blended experience of tradition and contemporary. 

Come visit, have a coffee after the service, and grow with us! 

About Our Pastor:
Rev. T.J. Lucas

In my spare time, I enjoy the outdoors, painting, yoga, cooking/baking, and reading. I also enjoy time with my husband, two children, and two fur babies (a dog and a cat). My undergraduate degree is in Education and Speech-language Pathology so I have a heart for teaching. I have experience in working with youth and adults with various needs, was a Director of Christian Education prior to becoming a pastor, and was a lead teacher at a private preschool. I have served several congregations over the past eight years in various capacities and have helped to start two non-profit organizations to address the issues of food scarcity and drug addiction.


I graduated from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary with a Masters of Divinity, where I now serve on the board of directors. Very few people realize that Mr. Rogers graduated from PTS as well and was ordained to do children's ministry through his TV show, Mr. Roger's Neighborhood. He taught the gospel without ever having to name a passage or say God's name. He taught it through love and that is how I aspire to teach. Like Mr. Rogers, I believe in accepting people for exactly who they are and in teaching people the faith in a way that is grounded in the neighborly love of Christ. My favorite book in the bible is Esther because it never names God at all. It teaches us how we can serve God faithfully no matter our status or what challenges we may face. Even though it does not name God, it has a lot to say about how God works through people of faith. I strive to lead in the way of kindness and by example. 

Special Services



Baptism is a once in a lifetime giving of your heart to Christ. If you have already been baptized in another denomination, we fully recognize that sacrament and you do not need to be rebaptized. If you would like to be baptized or would like to baptize your child, reach out to the pastor to make arrangements or learn more. 



We are happy to join two hearts in union with one another in Christ. Please reach out to the pastor for more information on using our church and the services that she offers. 



Children who have already been baptized are invited to confirm that they would like to join the church after a series of classes on the faith. Classes are typically for ages 12 and up and Pastor TJ believes that confirmation is not about indoctrination but instead about exploration. Your child will be given the tools of the faith, not spoon-fed answers. After this period of exploration, children will have a special service where they will receive their first Holy Communion as members of the church. 


Join the church

We would love for you to join the congregation! When you join the church, we hold a special worship service where we welcome you into the congregation. To join, you simply have to be baptized and want to commit to being part of our community. For questions on what church membership looks like, please reach out to the pastor. 

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